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Nick is an award-winning wildlife photographer, acclaimed author and popular tour leader.

Madagascar's largest carnivore, the fosa, is a skilled and agile climber © Nick Garbutt

He is best known for his work in tropical rain forests, where the diversity and complexity of life prompts relentless curiosity and inspiration. Additionally, he is intrigued by the peculiarities of islands, with the faunas of Madagascar and Borneo being particular favourites.

Nick’s other major passion is cats, especially big cats and he has seen and photographed all seven of the world’s big cat species in the wild.

A female puma walks through deep snow in Torres del Paine © Nick Garbutt

His images appear in high quality publications globally (National Geographic, BBC Wildlife, Terre Sauvage, Terra Mater, Geographical etc.), while his books, that combine his photography, writing and illustration have received wide critical acclaim.

Wildlife photography has never been more popular and an ever-increasing number of keen photographers, whether beginners or experienced, are travelling to indulge their interest. Nick works with Wildlife Worldwide to offer a diverse programme of specialist photography tours: the aim being to offer unmatched experiences that maximise opportunities while helping participants improve their photography, irrespective of level of experience.

Tropical rainforests are enchanting. I run a series ofworkshop tours to various rainforests around the world that all offer spectacular and varied photography opportunities. This is a plate-billed mountain toucan in the cloud forests of Ecuador © Nick Garbutt




New Book

Handbook of Mammals of Madagascar

The culmination of 26 months of work, this completely new 450 page volume is the definitive work on the remarkable mammal fauna of Madagascar. Detailed descriptions of all native and introduced species, with supporting chapters covering habitats, threats and conservation, the best places to watch mammals and the extinct mammals. Illustrated with over 370 high quality photos, many of species rarely seen or photographed.

Published by Bloomsbury, UK & Princeton UP, USA

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