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Nick Garbutt On Line

BADGER PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS IN DEVON Photograph badgers at close quarters from a hide (no glass). Join Nick on one of his new afternoon / evening workshops. 20th August, 30th August & 27th September 2014. Email nick@nickgarbutt.com or call Anne 01398 351506.

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Nick is an award-winning wildlife photographer and author who has a passionate concern for biodiversity and the fragile environment we inhabit.

Male Fosa in rainforest canopyWhile his background is in zoology, he realised early in his career that the accademic route was too constraining and he subsequently found the avenues of photography and popular natural history writing provided the freedom he wanted to indulge in and express his interests in the natural world.

Rafflesia tengku-adlinii, Maliau Basin, SabahNick is best known for his work in tropical rainforests, where the diversity and complexity of life prompts relentless curiosity and inspiration. He is also intrigued by the peculiarities of islands, with the faunas of Borneo and Madagascar being two of his particular favourites.

Nick's travels have taken him from the Poles to the Tropics and he has photographed wildlife in many of the world's iconic as well as less glamorous and more unusual locations. His images appear in high quality publications globally, while his own books, that combine his photography, writing and illustration have received wide critical acclaim.

Wild male JaguarFor 2014 and beyond Nick has teamed up with his friends at Wildlife Worldwide to launch a new and exciting programe of trips - Wildlife Worldwide Photography Tours with Nick Garbutt. The aim of these tours is simple: to offer unmatched experiences that maximize opportunities to watch and photograph wildlife in the finest locations and to help participants improve their techniques and achieve the best results from their photography, irrespective of their level of experience.