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Workshops and Tuition

Would you line up at a racetrack before you'd learned to drive a car? Would you give an important presentation at work without thorough research and rehearsal? Would you cook an intricate recipe for friends before a practicing getting it right first?

Yet how many people buy a new camera prior to a trip, but don't learn how to use it before they leave? Far too many! A game drive in the Serengeti or a walk through a rainforest is not the place to be reaching for an instruction manual.

A camera is a tool designed to do a job and knowing how to use it efficiently and effectively is crucial to achieving good results. Familiarity with you camera and a grasp of simple photographic techniques pays dividends in the field and your photography will improve immeasurably. Good teaching requires a thorough understanding of the subject and the ability to communicate clearly, especially when dealing with technical subjects. My aim when teaching is to cut through the jargon and lift the shrouds of mystery that surrounds so much of photography and digital processing.

I offer tuition days for one or two clients and UK-based weekend workshops for larger groups, as well as longer workshops and photography tours abroad.

Day courses are tailored to suit personal requirements, whether it be improving your capabilities with a camera, understanding various photographic techniques or getting to grips with digital processing, image optimisation and manipulation.

Nick’s Newsletter

Always remember cameras don't take photographs, people do

Photography Workshops



A white bluebell amidst a sea of bluebells

Photography Tours Nick Garbutt WW logoDorset: Spring's Treasures

18th - 20th May 2018
Price from £495 (Twin-share)

Maximum Group 19
Leaders: Nick Garbutt and Alex Hyde

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Whether you are new to photography or looking to fine tune your techniques, the rich ancient meadows of Kingcombe Nature Reserve will provide a tranquil and inspiring workshop environment in which to further develop your skills.

Oxeye Daisies

Oxeye Daisies

The Kingcombe Centre in Dorset will be our base for a weekend packed with opportunities to improve your nature photography. Award-winning photographers Nick Garbutt and Alex Hyde will introduce and explain the necessary principles and techniques, so you too can create images with impact and successfully photograph small creatures and plants next time you travel abroad or indeed step into your back garden.

The hedgerows, fields and hay meadows surrounding the Kingcombe Centre have remained much as they were for over 200 years and are almost untouched by artificial fertilisers and pesticides. As a result they are home to a huge array of wildlife, some common and easy to see, others rare elsewhere in the UK. The wildflower meadows are a reminder of how much of the countryside used to look, with the air buzzing with bees, butterflies and other insects.

The aim  is that this weekend be informative and enjoyable and that you will leave with a selection of pleasing images and a new set of skills that you can put into practice on your next trip abroad or while visiting your local nature reserve.




Badger watching and photography

Badger watching and photography

Photography Tours Nick Garbutt WW logoBadger Workshops: Devon

May, June & July 2018 & 2019

2018 Price £TBC (Workshop Only)
2019 Price £TBC (Workshop Only)

Maximum Group 4

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A purpose-built photography hide in a secluded valley in the Devon countryside offers a perfect opportunity to photograph a well-established badger sett and benefit from Nick's help and tuition.

Badgers are undoubtedly one of the UK’s most popular and best loved wild animals (at least by all those not connected with the farming community). Yet as they are primarily nocturnal and generally shy, they are usually difficult to see.

European BadgerHowever this well-positioned hide has been thoughtfully modified for photography (i.e. the glass can be removed the windows), and offers unimpeded views of the badgers as well as providing a perfect opportunity to take pictures.

In addition the workshop will offer a chance to enjoy nearby Exmoor*, where there are opportunities to capture images of habitat and landscape, plus a chance to photograph the iconic and eponymous ponies. There will be an indoor workshop on digital workflow*, during which you will learn Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop techniques to complement your field skills, allowing you to get the most from your digital images.

Please Note: * The Exmoor / indoor digital workflow elements of the programme will be influenced by the weather.
Accommodation in Devon is not included

Private Badger Workshops

By Arrangement

2015 Price from £125 per photographer per session

_NMG6127-2For more experienced and particularly keen photographers looking to add to their portfolio of badger images, the hide can be booked for private sessions, with no more than two photographers sharing a session. An average session lasts for 2 to 2.5 hours.

The badgers regularly approach to within 3-4m of the hide, and sometimes closer, so a choice of lenses ideally on more than one camera body is the ideal approach. Lenses of 200mm to 400mm are sufficient for close ups. A tripod is certainly required as low-light conditions are always prevalent, even during long summer evenings.

There may also be opportunities for photography from outside the hide to vary angle and backgrounds, but this is very much dependent on conditions at the time. Absolute silence is necessary at all times.




Tuition Days

All tuition days are run from my base in Devon. Alternatively home visits can be arranged.
If you would like a day's tuition tailored specifically to your requirements please contact me.
Prices for all one-day courses are £200 per day for one person (+£100 for an additional person) (+VAT), plus travel costs for home visits.

Getting Started with Digital SLR Photography

1 person £250, 2 people £350 (+VAT)
Plus travel costs for home visits

  • Starting with the basics you will become familiar with all the necessary fundamental principles and set off on the road to becoming a competent and confident digital SLR user.
  • Learn how to interpret histograms.
  • File types explained and understand the benefits of shooting 'RAW'.

Progressing with Digital SLR Photography

1 person £250, 2 people £350 (+VAT)
Plus travel costs for home visits

  • More advanced skills, including making the most of wide-angle and macro lenses and using flash creatively.
  • Learn how to maximise the opportunities digital photography offer with techniques like stritching, focus stacking and exposure stacking.

LR_PSGetting to Grips with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

1 person £250, 2 people £350 (+VAT)
Plus travel costs for home visits

Adobe Lightroom is a powerful library organisation and image processing tool (and much else besides) that lies at the heart of all I do with my images. Adobe Photoshop is the industry standard for image manipulation. In conjunction these programmes provide all an advanced photographer is likely to need to process, optimise, manipulate, prepare and publish their work. Tuition will be tailored to suit individual requests, but will include some or all of the following.

  •  Organising an image library, with keywords and captions at the heart of image retrieval.
  • Fundamental processing and image optimisation.
  • Cleaning up images and removing blemishes.
  • More advanced cloning techniques for unwanted distractions.
  • Using multiple files to create a final image - digital stitching, exposure stacking and focus stacking.