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More Madagascar Blues

The recent discovery of sapphires and other precious gems, and the subsequent explosion in illegal mining operations is further threatening the besieged rainforests of Madagascar and the numerous already endangered species that live there, most specifically endearing lemurs like the indri. Madagascar’s latest ‘sapphire rush’ has seen an influx of around 40,000 illegal workers descend…

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Wanted: Bobcats Alive not Dead

This bobcat is worth 1000 times more alive than dead! A study just published by Panthera and Wyoming Untrapped calculated the value of a single wild bobcat in Yellowstone National Park to the economy versus its value as a trapped / hunted animal. This particular bobcat that I photographed in January 2016 was regularly seen…

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Golden Cat Revealed

The African golden cat is one of the world’s least-known and most elusive felines. A team of scientists has captured the first ever video of the species during daylight in Kibale National Park, Uganda. One video, taken by camera trap, shows a golden cats’ attempted predation of red colobus monkeys, as they feed on the…

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Tigers on the Up?

Are Tiger’s walking into the sunset? The Government of India has just released (on 21st January) the ‘preliminary’ findings on the ‘Status of Tigers in India in 2014’. These new figures are proclaiming that the country’s tiger populations have risen by 30% in the past 4 years! Time to celebrate? “Easy tiger” – a note…

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