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Tour Reports

Patagonia 2016 Trip Report: Pumas Paws & Condors Soar

Punta Arenas in Chile is one of those places that has an ‘edge of the earth’ feel about it. It’s a busting, vibrant little town, but sitting as it does at the very southern tip of South America, it is effectively hemmed in by cold, open oceans on three sides and the imposing Andes to…

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Yellowstone 2016 Trip Report: Wildlife in White

There was a sense of anticipation as the two snow coaches pulled up outside our lodge in West Yellowstone. Another significant overnight snowfall blanketed the ground and flurries of large, soft flakes still danced in the air. There was a lovely, pleasing crunch under foot. Male Bison sparing in the Lamar Valley The previous four…

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India 2014 Trip Report

After experiencing the tranquil joys of Satpura and some excellent tiger viewing elsewhere, Nick rekindles his interest in India and its fascinating wildlife

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Madagascar 2014 Trip Report

A night-time encounter with the bizarre and elusive Aye-aye proves to be the highlight of a tour that was filled with thrills from start to finish.

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Pantanal 2014 Trip Report

Seeing a jaguar cub in the wild is very rare, getting worthwhile photos is rarer still. There maybe only a handful of photographers who have had such a privilege, but those who were with Nick on his most recent tour to the Pantanal can now join that very exclusive club.

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